What are Nix derivations?

TODO this should be a sidenote For me, the difficulty in understanding the term “derivation” was that it seems to mean different things in different contexts. TODO examples

Documentation guidelines/rules

  1. Every definition is written on their own line, and not like prose (e.g., one paragraph riddled with definitions; mention a term, and defined it in the next sentence or, god forbid, a couple of sentences below)

  2. Description, examples, caveats, etc. of a concept should be in close proximity to the definition. This is not always feasible, but make an effort, and by proximity, I also mean “labeled connectedness” (i.e., parts of the same concept are traversable via links, and one knows what concept thread they are following at any given moment). Counter examples: “derivation” in the thesis; outPath & drvPath; subst function.